Men's Soccer Coach - Jonathan Lorch

Coach Jonathan

Jonathan Lorch begins his first season as soccer coach in 2016. A 2013 graduate of Appalachian Bible College, Coach Lorch played Warrior soccer for three years.

“Thinking back to my time as a player, I realize that there was an emphasis on producing godly men to serve the Lord. That left a lasting impact on my life.”

“Soccer is a fantastic sport. I love the game and all it has to offer for the players, the fans, and the coaches. There is always the next level of proficiency that each player can pursue. I am excited to take the passion for perfecting their ability in the sport and apply that to their walk with the Lord. Soccer provides moments of challenge, endurance, awareness, excitement, and victory. I want to help prepare young men to have those same qualities in their spiritual life.”

Coach Lorch also serves as Adventures Assistant at Alpine Ministries, a ministry of Appalachian Bible College. In 2020, he was named Interim Athletic Director.

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