• According to Federal law, transcripts may only be requested by the person whose name appears on the transcript.
  • No transcripts are issued to any student until financial obligations with Appalachian Bible College are fully met.
  • Transcripts may be ordered electronically by completing the form linked below.
  • Please allow up to two weeks for the processing of a transcript request.

Transcript Request Procedures

  1. Complete Transcript Request Form

    Transcript Request Form

    Transcript requests are forwarded to ABC's Office of the Registrar by completing this form. Please contact the Registrar with any questions concerning transcripts:

    • Phone: 304-877-6428
    • Fax: 304-877-5082
    • Email: registrar@abc.edu

  2. Pay $5 Transcript Request Fee

    Fee is due for all official transcripts.

    Pay Fee Online

    If you prefer not to pay online, use the Transcript Request Form, click submit to finish, and choose an option below:

    • Mail check:
      161 College Dr.
      Mount Hope, WV 25880
    • Phone in credit card: 304-877-6428, ext. 204

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